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Early intervention, with the Assessment/Evaluation as part of a team process, assists in determining the appropriate supports needed to allow clients the best opportunity for success, and the successful case-file closure. Our services are beneficial for vocational rehabilitation - disability case managers, WSIB adjudicators, insurance agents, motor vehicle accident claims agents, corporate managers, human resources managers, students preparing for post secondary education and those seeking a career change.

Career Change (Vocational Assessment)

CareerStreams Advantage

It has been estimated that we will make 2 to 3 career jumps in our employment lifetime. Career assessments allow us to obtain a clearer picture of ourselves in terms of work experience, new learned skills, personal contacts through networking, aptitudes and abilities, advanced skills and academic additions acquired, confidence level. Our goal is to help you discover your TRUE POTENTIAL!

What does our Vocational Assessment Package include?

Step 1- Career Interview

  • 1 hour consultation that will consist of information gathering and full Vocational Review

  • This step allows CareerStreams to find out more about the client and what direction you as a client see yourself following.

Step 2- Career Assessment- at this step a series of assessments will take place to assist in determining the client’s potential.

  • Vocational Assessment

  • Interest Inventory

  • Aptitude Testing

  • Achievement Testing

Step 3- Career Exploration and Review

  • Post Assessment review with a Career Counsellor to review the results of the assessments.

Step 4- Specific Career Planning

  • At this stage the Career Counsellor will assist the client in planning their next step after CareerStreams. Job Search training, resume building, and interview preparation are all reviewed at this stage by a trained Career Counsellor.

Employers (ICERP Plan)


The Integrated Coordinated Employee Retention Program is a Human Resource Solutions program developed by CareerStreams Resources Inc. The ICERP was created to assist small businesses with their Human Resources needs through an integrated and coordinated process involving the medical community, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), insurance company, the employer, and the individual worker.  To learn more, click on the attached .pdf next to the subheading.

Insurance Companies

Our vocational rehabilitation professionals are able to administer Short Term and Long Term Disability Assessments (STD/LTD) to properly assess your clients.

The client is profiled extensively, accurately, and individually thereby empowering the individual with increased self-confidence, decision making ability, realistic goal setting, and motivation towards their future. Your client returns to work sooner and they have a higher probability of staying longer in situations that are more meaningful and satisfying.

An extensive report package is prepared for each client in a timely manner, usually within two weeks of the entire assessment process. The report includes a summary, the results from each testing component, an analysis of those results, and recommendations for employment specific to the client’s education level, geographic region, and current local job opportunities. This includes relevant National Occupational Classification Code (NOC) career information, current labour market analyses and transferable skills reports. We are also trained to give supportive, solution-focused counseling intervention to assist a person in their efforts to return to work or increase their quality of life

Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Vocational/disability evaluation includes administration of a standardized battery of tests, ideally designed to generate information regarding an examinee’s abilities to read, calculate arithmetically, reason in a number of ways, solve novel problems, use language properly, and employ cognitive abilities that could be utilized in work settings. Our investigation should also include administration of interest inventories, work personality questionnaires, and, at times, measures of upper extremity capabilities, both gross motor and fine fingertip. 

The clear majority of individuals who have been injured musculoskeletal will be medically limited in terms of their exertional capabilities, and the effort in these types of cases is frequently to determine how well the individual can function in relation to data, people, and inanimate objects. At CareerStreams Resources Inc., we do far more than history taking (vocational interviewing) and so-called “transferability of skills” analysis.  Standardized vocational testing can be, and is, an essential component of disability evaluation and residual employability assessment. 

Students Entering Post-Secondary

Post Secondary Student Career Plan

The Post-Secondary Student Career Plan has been designed by our expert Career Professionals to help you identify your career fit early on, this way YOU can confidently choose a program or course that best fits your particular strengths and career goals.

Choosing a career path and planning for your future right out of high school can be a daunting task and complex decision for any student, we are here to assist you every step of the way. CareerStreams Resources Inc. has developed our Post-Secondary Student Career Plan to be uniquely tailored for each client to help you recognize your true potential and prepare you for a successful FUTURE.

To learn more about our Post-Secondary Student Career Plan, click the attached .pdf next to the subheading.

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