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  • 3 hours

Service Description

Our Vocational/disability evaluation includes administration of a standardized battery of tests, ideally designed to generate information regarding an examinee’s abilities to read, calculate arithmetically, reason in a number of ways, solve novel problems, use language properly, and employ cognitive abilities that could be utilized in work settings. Our investigation will also include: -Administration of interest inventories -Work personality questionnaires -If necessary it will include measurement of upper extremity capabilities, both gross motor and fine fingertip.  The clear majority of individuals who have been injured musculoskeletal will be medically limited in terms of their exertional capabilities, and the effort in these types of cases is frequently to determine how well the individual can function in relation to data, people, and inanimate objects. At CareerStreams Resources Inc., we do far more than history taking (vocational interviewing) and so-called “transferability of skills” analysis., we work to ensure a safe and productive return to work.

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